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L.M.C.T 10996.

At Just Hilux, we specialise in dismantling all model Toyota Hilux's.  All parts come with a minimum 30 day warranty. We can freight all parts big and small Australia wide.   Please call the office for a price on all Hilux Parts. We are now specialising in minor and major repairs and servicing for all Hilux's with fully qualified mechanics on site. Towing service available.  We buy all cars - free local pick up.


2001 Toyota Hiace Van 2RZ Manual Petrol

LMCT 11418

ABN 50 557 398 682

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2002 2RZ Toyota Hiace Van Manual Petrol

Hiace Van 1 Hiace Van 2 Hiace 2010

2010 Toyota Hiace Van Manual 1KD motor

KUN26 Dual Cab Wreck 20 August 14

KUN26 4x4 Turbo Diesel 2006 Dual Cab

2008 kun 26 turbo die SR 2002 KZN167 Single cab 4x4

2006 TGN Cyl  2.7 Petrol Dual Cab Manual

2008 KUN26 SR Turbo Diesel 4x4 Dual Cab Manual

2006 KZN167 Turbo Diesel 4x4 Single Cab Manual

93 Surf 4 Runner

1993 Surf / 4 Runner 4x4 Petrol

2012 SR5 Black KUN26 TD

2012 KUN26 SR5 Extra Cab 4x4 Turbo Diesel

kun26 2012 DUAL 4X4 TURBO DIESEL

2012 KUN26 SR Dual Cab 4x4 Turbo Diesel

2004 RZN gold petrol 2.4lt

2004 RZN Gold 2.4 Petrol Single Cab

1998 LN149 2wd manual single cab 3lt diesel

1998 LN149 2x4 Single Cab

reco gear box motors diff injectors gearbox add RN90 extra cab 2x4 2004 LN167R White single cab autorola

1990 LN111 Extra Cab 4x4

2004 LN167R Single Cab 4x4

RN90 Extra Cab 2x4 Petrol

LN111 Extra Cab 1990 4x4

Hilux Reco


Hilux motors 1KD &

4 Runner motors

Hilux Diffs &

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Here at Just Hilux we specialise in 1KD injector issues and repairing fuel problems.  We now fit reco Injectors offering a 3 year warranty.

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Toyota Hilux wreckers   -   All Toyota Hilx parts new and used -  Genuine and non genuine Hilux spare parts     Call for all your Hilux spare part requirements   -   We can deliver to your door Australia wide


Specialising in: Hilux Reco Diffs, Hilux Diffs, Hilux Gearboxes, Hilux Reco Gear Boxes, Hilux Diesel Motors, Hilux Petrol Motors, Hilux Seat Belts, Bull Bars, Hilux Steering Wheels, Hilux panels, Hilux Tubs, Hilux Rear Steps, Hilux Bumpers, SR5 Parts, Hilux Interiours, Hilux Tailshafts, Hilux LSD Diff Centre, Hilux Cabs, Hilux windows, Hilux Mirrors.  Now stocking a massive amount of 4 Runner Parts, Surf Parts, range from RN85, LN106, LN167, KUN26, LN111, GGN, LN130, Hilux Workmate and more!  We are now also dismantling Toyota Hiace Vans 2RZ and 1KD plus more!