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L.M.C.T 10996.

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2003 KZN165 V6 Petrol Dual Cab 09 SR Hilux Low K's 2010 SR5 V6 wrecking

At Just Hilux, we specialize in dismantling all model Toyota Hiluxs.  All parts come with a minimum 30 day warranty.


We can freight all parts big and small Australia wide.   Please call the office for a price on all Hilux Parts.

2011 Single Cab Workmate 04 Blue Dual cab2 LN106 white dual cab wreck 2001 dual cab wreck 16 june 07 Landcruiser 2012 White Dual Cab Wrecking

2012 White Dual Cab KUN26 4x4

2007 White Landcruiser 4x4x Diesel


2010 Silver V6 SR5 Dual Cab 4x4

2004 KUN Blue Dual Cab 4x4

LN106 White Dual Cab 4x4

2001 White Dual Cab 4x4

2001 White Single Cab Workmate

2009 White Dual Cab SR Low k's

2003 KNZ165 V6 Petrol


2011 White SR5 Dual Cab 4x4

2005 V6 4ltr

2005 V6 4ltr Single Cab

2005 SR 4x4

2005 White SR Single Cab 4x4

2010 White KUN Single Cab 4x4

2006 Dual Cab V6 GGN Wrecking Oct13

2006 White GGN Dual Cab V6 Auto 2x4

2002 RZN 4x4 Dual Cab wrecking oct13

2002 White RZN 4x4 Dual Cab 4x4

2008 TGN 2x4 Petrol manual wrecking oct13

2008 White TGN 2x4 Petrol Manual

2000 KZN Low 107 k's OCT

2000 Grey KZN Dual Cab 4x4

2012 Grey Extra Cab KUN 4x4

2012 Grey Xtra Cab Wrecking

LMCT 10996

ACN 162095025

KUN26 Wreck 26 Feb 14

2010 KUN26 4x4 Dual Cab (no tray)

LN106 Single Cab 26 Feb 14

LN106 Single Cab 4x4

LN106 26 Feb 14

LN106 Dual Cab 4x4

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